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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:tcpdump: pcap_loop: bogus savefile header
Date:12:37:45 23/06/2008

> Hello All,
> I seem to be having a problem reading the Kismet dump files. I run kismet_server in --daemon mode. I'm wondering what signal I should send to the kismet_server PID to have it shut down gracefully and save the dump file correctly. I send it a kill -SIGQUIT and I still seem to have corrupted dump files.
> Is there a way to tell the kismet_server to shut down gracefully and flush it's dump files?
> Or am I reading the dump files correctly?
> Any hints or tips would be appreciated.

I haven't seen anything like this... What platform? Sending it a kill is all you need to do, even a kill -9 should result in a usable file since they grow w/out modifying the header...

A few things to try:

1 - Make sure you're on the latest Kismet release. Stable-svn would be even better, but pretty irrelevant, no bugfixes in this region of code have gone in, though the latest release contains several.

2 - If the bug persists, try w/out daemon mode, it's possible theres another pre-fork file open I didn't catch and it's double-flushing to a FD. Do try with the latest release though (2008-05) since that contains some daemon mode fixes.


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