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Posted by:apob - recording lat/lon signal trace for each network + valid fix duration
Date:12:06:01 19/06/2008

I'm interested in writing a script to better determine the location of APs. Does anyone know how to log the signal strength of *each* packet so that I can sort by AP and try some different methods to estimate it's true location?

I can't seem to find anything looking through the docs or code (not very extensively mind you). I want more than just min/max lat/lon, I want *all* the points and the signal/noise at those points for each network.

It looks like I can do this by modifying's Packetracker::ProcessPacket to record a BSSID,lat/lon,signal,noise tuple somewhere but I was wondering if there was an easier way.

One other question - while processing packets I see packetracker checks if there's a valid fix, does anyone know if Kismet or gpsd sets that flag to invalid in between fix moments - IE ~100ms or so on either side of the fix - or do we just continue to use one fix until we get another.


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