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Posted by:RNewman
Subject:Build Newcore under Openwrt
Date:09:04:59 13/06/2008

> > Hello all. I'm trying to build newcore under the Openwrt development system and I'm not having much luck. Basically it fails with the error: compiler cannot create executables. Which seems to me that I'm missing some required package. Unfortunately that's about all the information i get back. I have been able to compile the current stable version without issue, just not newcore. Has anyone been able to compile newcore under Openwrt?
> >
> Sounds like you're not calling configure w/ the proper CC/CXX aliases. Either watch the build process under V=99 for the stable package and copy the compile env it sets up, or clone the makefile and build it inside buildroot.
> Typically that error literally means "your libc is messed up", look at config.log for the output from gcc falling down.
> Be warned, just at the moment newcore doesn't have the latest tweaks from stable that make the wrt54g behave, though I'll try to port them over fairly soon.
> -m

Okay, I actually managed to get it to compile and run! I ended up updating and installing all the packages from openwrt then recompiled. Seems there was a dependency missing. Thanks for all the help here.

A couple more questions. One is there documentation on the configuration options for newcore? I'm trying to write the log information to a SQL backend and it looks like I can do this via a plugin. Two, it appears that signal strength is not captured anymore? Is that true, is it possible to add it back?


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