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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Build Newcore under Openwrt
Date:06:02:20 13/06/2008

> Hello all. I'm trying to build newcore under the Openwrt development system and I'm not having much luck. Basically it fails with the error: compiler cannot create executables. Which seems to me that I'm missing some required package. Unfortunately that's about all the information i get back. I have been able to compile the current stable version without issue, just not newcore. Has anyone been able to compile newcore under Openwrt?

Sounds like you're not calling configure w/ the proper CC/CXX aliases. Either watch the build process under V=99 for the stable package and copy the compile env it sets up, or clone the makefile and build it inside buildroot.

Typically that error literally means "your libc is messed up", look at config.log for the output from gcc falling down.

Be warned, just at the moment newcore doesn't have the latest tweaks from stable that make the wrt54g behave, though I'll try to port them over fairly soon.


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