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Posted by:teedubb
Subject:<no ssid> vs cloaked ?
Date:06:18:50 11/06/2008


soon as i fire up kismet i notice multiple AP's with blue colors. typing in "i" to view more information about the AP reveals the following:

Name : 52yhF3DSnkXC2wI3ofFyhDkleN3oR8Zh

SSID : 52yhF3DSnkXC2wI3ofFyhDkleN3oR8Zh
SSID Cloaking on/Closed Network

also when i type "c" to view the clients on this AP is see none

i also see multiple AP's with "no ssid" as the name with a green color. typing in "i" reveals the following:

Name : <no ssid>

SSID : <no ssid>

there were also no clients on this AP as well.


in order for Kismet to reveal the name of a "cloaked" SSID wouldn't it need clients probing to reveal the SSID of "52yhF3DSnkXC2wI3ofFyhDkleN3oR8Zh"? is the other AP named "<no ssid>" or is it cloaked but just not showing a blue color?

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