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Posted by:squishyalt
Subject:Help for the mentally lame needed.....
Date:01:32:57 11/06/2008

Is there a straightforward (read that as dumbed down for Windows users) set of instructions that will tell me how to upgrade from 2007.01.R1 to the current version.

By dumbed down, I mean really dumb. It needs to, at a minimum, have the following info ....

1) The command to download the latest code.

2) Where to save this file.

3) Where to unpack this file to and what command to use to do this.

4) What command line commands to run to make and install the new code and what directory those commands should be run in.

5) 1-4 for any file dependencies of Kismet.

6) Anything that I may have missed.

Is there such a n00b instruction list?

Oh please say there is.....

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