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Posted by:placebophd
Subject:problem of kismet with ubuntu hardy 8.04
Date:01:24:28 03/06/2008

Hi to all,

I have installed ubuntu 8.04 and i have a wireless adapter netgear wpn311. Ubuntu 8.04 loads automatically the ath_pci module as a driver for my wirelees adapter. Although i have a wireless connection i cannot make it work with kismet, since the ath_pci is not supported as a device source from kismet. I tried to configure the kismet.conf file with different ways, such as source=madwifi_a,ath0, atheros but no luck at all.Therefore, do you think that i have to remove the ath_pci driver and install madwifi?

A simple answer with yes or no its adequate for me to guide me and solve my problem ( at least i hope so :-) )

Thanks a lot!

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