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Posted by:mtweed
Subject:Leopard and Penryn Macbook Pro - fixed, sort of
Date:16:44:35 29/05/2008

> Fixed in SVN.
> For those who care:
> Some Intel macs report 802.3, and 802.11 + Radiotap.
> Some only report 802.3, 802.11, and 802.11+AVS.
> The DLT link setter only tried to set 802.11+Radiotap, which would fail, resulting in a EN10MB link.
> Now it'll set 802.11, 802.11AVS, and 802.11Rtap, in that order, and keep the "best" one of the set.
> KF just tested on a mac with a similar issue and it works w/ the latest svn checked in this morning.
> -m

I am still having this problem...

I have a macbook 2 ghz with intel core duo with 10.5.2. I am not sure what airport I have, but Kismet thinks it is an atheros.
I checked out revision 2389 this afternoon from the devel. trunk and got the Following output:
INFO: en1 looks like an Atheros card running under Darwin.
Source 0 (wifi): Enabling monitor mode for darwin source interface en1 channel 6...
Source 0 (wifi): Opening darwin source interface en1...
FATAL: pcap reported netlink type 1 (EN10MB) for en1. This probably means you're not in RFMON mode or your drivers are reporting a bad value. Make sure you have the correct drivers and that entering monitor mode succeeded.
The stable release fails with:
"FATAL: BIOCSETIF: wlt1: Device not configured", which the development version seem s to have fixed.

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