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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet on Leopard 10.5.2, Broadcom bcm43xx wireless card
Date:09:03:43 27/05/2008

> Hello all,
> i am trying to run Kismet on this new macbook.
> Stable source release die at startup, with the famous message
> "FATAL: BIOCSETIF: wlt1: Device not configured"
> Didn't find any help or workaround still in this forum, except to install the new kismet-newcore, that die for a "Bus error" running kismet_server.

Try subversion from the stable (trunk) branch. Newcore is a totally different beast.

> So, turning back on the stable release code,
> i changed the code of, to "en1".

Sounds like you're using the wrong capture source too, you should be using "darwin" where the source is configured from the source= line.

> After this, i get another famous message,
> The card should already be in monitor mode. I can skip it, program start but seems is not working properly.

Nope, OSX is BSD based which uses multi-DLT. If it's getting EN10MB it'll never work, even if you comment that out, that packets coming in are 802.3 formatted.

> It would be great to know if this os/card is still not supported, i can wait.

Try svn trunk, it's got the latest fixes for OSX, however I don't think it's ever been tested on a broadcom 11n NIC, which is the latest-gen hw in macs.


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