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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:gpsmap color config file?
Date:09:44:13 19/05/2008

> Does gpsmap have a config file that will allow colors to be permanently assigned to known bssid's?
> The reason I am asking is because each time I run gpsmap the same network will receive different colors. This happens even if I use the same wardrive info with different "--filter" options. It also happens if I use two different wardrive runs.
> If would be nice if I could create a config file that contains a set of known bssid's with assigned colors. Those colors would be reserved for known networks only, unknowen networks would be assigned colors from deferent pool.

No, it's only colored by iterative assignment after the network list is exposed.

Theres no really easy way to do that right now, I'll keep it in mind.


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