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Posted by:nils
Subject:Updating dump files
Date:01:33:44 16/05/2008

> I tried the KismetToolSuite the other day and was happy it could merge most of the results. When i merge my GPS and CSV files, do they average out or does it just take the newest find w/ the newest coordinates?

The information stored in GPS files simply get concatenated and written back to the output file.
CSV files: for example, there's an entry for an AP in File #1 with min Lat = 10.0 and max Lat = 20.0 and a further entry for the same AP in a File #2 with min Lat = 5.0 and max Lat = 15.0. The resulting file will then have an entry for this AP with min Lat = 5.0 and max Lat = 20.0. So not only the newest entry is taken. All the information for an AP is updated as far as this is possible. The XML merging works similar.


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