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Posted by:pacog
Subject:kismet packet capture stops after a few minutes
Date:13:35:10 14/05/2008

> > > I found a thread from 28/03/2006 with much the
> > > same subject.
> > > Am running Ubuntu-hardy on a toshiba a135-s2276 and
> > > am at svn revision 2381
> > > I'd like to help with this issue if possible.
> > > --pacog
> >
> > I find #1106 (Monitor mode reception failure whilst channel hopping)
> > am going to get latest svn for madwifi
> (Docs, forums, svn-kismet startup messages)
Ok, I read the startup message but thought I had
madwifi and not madwifi-NG , but after svn it seems
that madwifi is the same.

At madwifi svn 3626 while running gdb kismet_server after a
somewhat longer time (45 min) I get a hard lock which requires a reboot.

This laptop has no serial port,is there a way to debug further
without a serial console?

> rmmod ath_pci
> modprobe ath_pci autocreate=none

after the above module commands Ive run for 2 hours and no crash
so if I get a crash after reboot again, then Iĺl give madwifi
that info so they can reproduce it (hope)


> if they DO finally fix this in madwifi, excellent!

> -m

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