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Posted by:thekpr
Subject:Kismet on rt61
Date:01:34:24 11/05/2008

> Hi,
> you can use cards with the rt61-chipset in kismet.
> Install the Driver from:
> <-- beta rt61 driver
> Now edit your kismet.conf. use
> source=rt2500,ra0,rt2500
> works perfectly for me.
> have fun,
> Affenarsch

Yes, I'm using the same setting for rt61 (rt2561) chipset.

However, I was getting the same errors until I took the following steps:

1) deactivate wireless card:
sudo ifdown ra0

2) put that card in the monitor mode:
iwconfig ra0 mode Monitor

3) Startup kismet with ra0 still inactive.
sudo kismet

Hope this helps.

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