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Posted by:scks08
Subject:Router transmits to unknown MAC
Date:21:41:13 10/05/2008

> > I looked that address up myself at and got Westell, which is the manufacturer of the modem the router is connected to, so mystery solved, I had forgotten about that when you said "wired device". My bad. Still don't quite understand why my wireless scan would see a packet headed there -- is that because I have the router set up as an access point ("bridge mode", I think other manufacturers call it), so the wireless clients are sending packets marked for that MAC address?
> Yeah I just did the same thing and was going to ask if you had a voip/router device by them.
> Yeah, in bridge mode your wireless and wired networks are a single layer2 domain which would show clients talking directly to that mac, also any bridge/multicast frames could include it.
> Glad the mystery was easily solved :)
> Another useful tool is to run 'arp' on a client on the network... For example in linux,
> dragorn@drd1813 ~ $ arp -n
> Address HWtype HWaddress Flags Mask Iface
> ether 00:16:B6:CF:57:15 C wlan0
> so your mac would show up w/ the IP of whatever device had it, presuming your client had talked to it at some point.
> -m

Great, thanks for that tip.

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