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Posted by:scks08
Subject:Router transmits to unknown MAC
Date:19:35:04 10/05/2008

Running latest stable Kismet on an Ubuntu box. Only one network, my own, is visible; the access point is a Belkin router with WPA/WPA2 and MAC filtering enabled. There are only three computers that should ever connect to this router, one wired and two wireless (one of which I'm using for the Kismet scan). But Kismet lists two clients associated with the router: one is the wireless laptop I expect to see, the other is a MAC I'm not familiar with. Client screen looks like this after a few minutes of scanning:

T MAC Manuf Data Crypt Size IP Range Sgn
S (the unexpected) Unknown 14 14 6k 0
. T (the laptop's MAC) IntelCorp 1706 1706 154k 0

I double-checked and the unexpected MAC is not in the router's whitelist, I also changed the WPA PSK recently. I have no reason to suspect any kind of serious intrusion, I'm just a Kismet newbie curious why my router seems to be transmitting to an unknown device. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.

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