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Posted by:bkimes
Subject:Kismet isn't reading GPS
Date:17:26:51 06/05/2008

Hi all - yes, a noob, but I've read through all I can on and this site and whatever else I could google, but I'm at a loss and am hoping that someone out there can just say 'hey idiot - you forgot x' and make this all work...

The situation -- trying to get a little wardriving rig set up using kismet on a laptop and an older delorme earthmate lt 20.

I ran through all the steps as per the site for a FC6 system, I know it's a little older, but I wanted to stay true to what they were doing so I'd have fewer problems. Everything compiled fine - ImageMagick, gpsd, the kismet patch, etc. etc.

Here's what I'm doing -- (i.e., what am I boneheading?)
1 - clean boot
2 - open a term and su to root
3 - start gpsd -- gpsd -n -D2 -F /dev/ttyUSB0 -- (when I ps-ef, it shows as nobody as the owner)
3.5 - I check to make sure the gps has traffic (it has a green light meaning it thinks it has a lock) -- cat /dev/ttyUSB0 -- lots of NMEA traffic comes out
4 - kismet
5 - check the logs -- the standard logs are filling with all the data, but the gps file is stopped at 262 ... if I cat it, it has basic header info for the gps file but no data. if i -shift-Q- to quit, the file disappears and it says no gps data

-- I'm at a loss, as kismet is starting up, it says that it is going to localhost 2947 and that it has a connection

-- the cat of the gps shows data

-- why isn't the data transferring between the two??

Thanks for any help!


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