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Posted by:RNewman
Subject:Trying to obtain signal strength
Date:05:51:06 02/05/2008

Hi All,
I have a ASUS WL-500G Premium wireless router running OpenWrt. Through many trials and errors I have managed to get kismet up and running, both in a server mode and in a drone mode. What I have been unable to obtain is signal strength. From the information returned by iwlist wl0 scanning, signal strength information is possible and being returned by the wireless driver. I'm sure I have something missconfigured but much searching on google and the forums both here and on OpenWrt have turned up nothing. Currently the only way I can get kismet to run is to have the source configured as source=wrt54g,prism0,wireless. Also I have configured horst to run on the router as well. This program does give signal strength so I know it is possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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