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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:kismet + airsnort
Date:14:51:23 29/04/2008

> hello,
> i have kismet drones running that report to kismet server on ubuntu machine. if i run kismet as a standalone app i collect traffic and all is fine
> when i run kismet server then start up airsnort (airsnort -r /..../kismet_dump) i do not see kis0 is the choice of sources.
> if i run the server and airsnort on a different machine running xandros using same config it works
> any ideas?
> i have posted at ubuntu and airsnort but no replies so far

Use fifo logging (see the config file) and read from that.

or use newcore, and use the tuntap feature to get an interface - this will be the preferred way in the future.


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