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Posted by:eramic
Subject:WRt54gl, tomato firmware and kismet?
Date:00:48:28 21/04/2008

First of all I would like to say hallo to this very usefull comunity related to security of wireless networks. Since I have Wrt54gl 1.1 and Tomato firmware I am interested in implementation of Kismet Drone on WRT

I have question for gurus or onyone else with expirience with instaling kismet drone on Tomato running on Wrt54gl. Basicly I need detailed instruction how to do that step by step including commads, links for tested kismet distibutios or anything else that can help me. I allready tryed to finish this using guide for opet-wrt but without succes. Whole concept is kind of confusing me so right now I am stuck.
My questions are:
1) What is the first step, how to install drone on wrt. Do I need to install just drone or server and drone. What kismet I have to use?
2) Is is possible to run drone on wrt and client on XP, if not what linux distro i have to use, may I use live cd for this or full instalation.
3) Other tools tips, links and guides would be helpfull.

My only expirience with kismet was on laptop with pcmcia wireless card and linux distibution, in this scenatio its really easy but with WRT its not that easy.

Thanks in advance.

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