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Posted by:kripton
Subject:Patch for to fix compilation on x86_64 and add OpenStreetMap as datasource
Date:12:11:11 14/04/2008

Hello there,

I made a patch for gpsmap that does two things:
- fix compilation for x86_64 (and maybe more 64bit architectures)
- add OpenStreetMap (OSM) as Mapsource (Uses tiles@home-layer)

About the first thing:
Somewhere around line 2245, a pointer is cast to an integer. This is OK for 32bit-OSes but not with 64bit where we do have a bigger address-space. Debian has fixed this by removing the two lines since the value doesn't seem to be used anywhere else, I changed the datatype from integer to long making it work on 64bit.

About the mapsource:
You might know, a project with the goal to create free and "open" geodata, providing pre-rendered raster-images at "". (At least it would be good if all Kismet-users who use GPS (and that's how I started ;) knew this project since the tracks are really useful for OSM).
The patch makes it possible to use these pre-rendered images as map for gpsmap. Note that the scales I found at "" didn't work at all so I had to find them out by trying.

Hope this might be useful for Kismet, looking forward to the release ;)

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