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Posted by:LordPinhead
Subject:ALFA AWUS036E and Kismet und Kubuntu 7.10
Date:11:54:51 09/04/2008

Hi there,
i have a big problem with Kismet and my Alfa WiFi Stick. After 10 or 20 seconds Kismet stop to capture for AP´s and when i want to stop the program with Shift+Q the hole system hangs. I can´t use sudo and can´t kill the kismet server/client.
I just edited my /etc/kismet/kismet.conf and change:

do i have to change other settings? I dont use gps and gpsmap (no gps mouse atm.), could it hang and try to shutdown gpsmap? I don´t get any errors, not in std out, not in /var/log/{ syslog, messages, dmesg }.
Any suggestions?


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