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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Leopard and Penryn Macbook Pro - fixed
Date:08:37:34 09/04/2008

> > Yesterday I compiled the kismet-devel tree from the SVN source with the latest libpcap and I've configured it to run under Leopard with my Airport Extreme card (as per many examples out there on the net) but when I run it I'm given the following error message:
> >
> > Any suggestions?

Fixed in SVN.

For those who care:

Some Intel macs report 802.3, and 802.11 + Radiotap.

Some only report 802.3, 802.11, and 802.11+AVS.

The DLT link setter only tried to set 802.11+Radiotap, which would fail, resulting in a EN10MB link.

Now it'll set 802.11, 802.11AVS, and 802.11Rtap, in that order, and keep the "best" one of the set.

KF just tested on a mac with a similar issue and it works w/ the latest svn checked in this morning.


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