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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Leopard and Penryn Macbook Pro: FATAL: pcap reported netlink type 1 (EN10MB) for en1.
Date:18:01:32 08/04/2008

> Yesterday I compiled the kismet-devel tree from the SVN source with the latest libpcap and I've configured it to run under Leopard with my Airport Extreme card (as per many examples out there on the net) but when I run it I'm given the following error message:
> Any suggestions?

Nope, afaik that should work... I don't have a mac myself. That's the specific error the SVN changes and newer libpcaps should avoid, unfortunately with binary drivers theres not much opportunity to know what's going on other than it indicated it was working and then returned a non-rfmon linktype...

[edit] - Check config.h and see if SYS_DARWIN and HAVE_RADIOTAP are both defined?


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