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Posted by:x2dz
Subject:Can't get gpsmap on Freebsd /pcbsd/ 6.3-RELEASE-p1 -> library trouble
Date:12:33:48 02/04/2008

> > If you have the time, could you write the approximate steps I need to take - it would save me a ton of work.
> >
> > Thanks again
> ./configure --help|more <enter>
> Look for include.
> Dutch

OK, what I did is ->

pcbsd# ./configure --enable-syspcap --includedir=/usr/local/include --oldincludedir=/usr/include

Imagemagick support: no
Expat Library: yes
GMP Library: no
PThread Support: yes
libz compression: no

I tried all kinds of combinations of --includedir and --oldincludedir, but the result is always the same...

Some please point me in the right direction

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