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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Extracing-Pollng information from Kismet
Date:12:40:44 26/03/2008

> Is there anyway to poll or extract information from Kismet?
> Ie, packets per second, packet count, basically the information that is displayed in the Kismet_Client GUI?
> I think at one point I tried to launch the client briefly, and then parse the data, but that's not a pretty solution.
> I know there is some information that is logged in the log files (ie, networks).
> I'd like to be able to report on alerts and the like, and maybe graph some numbers using rrdtool.

Yes, look in the docs folder for the client/server protocol, also look at the client code, and the links to other clients on the links page.

It's basically a TCP connection w/ a simple text-based protocol


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