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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:iw4965 not hearing anything
Date:19:40:00 25/03/2008

> Everything appears to be working, no error messages but I am not finding networks. It is running through the channels and it is putting the card into monitor mode and everything. My card is an Intel Centrino 4965 ABGN, I would really like to get this working, any help would be greatly apprectiated. Anyone else have this card working??

IWL4965 is broken for rfmon in the kernels I've tried. (And when it wasn't outright broken, it only reported mgmt frames, not data, in my tests.)

Multiple patches to address the issue have gone by on the wireless-test git tree, so you'll have to either build a bleeding-edge git kernel, try to get wireless-compat working (it doesn't, for me, on .24), or wait for the fixes to go mainline.


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