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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:GPSD / Kismet - Speed Issues
Date:06:59:06 24/03/2008

> I got the following from GPSD's website as a FAQ, is this true? Is there really an issue with Kismet or is the issue really with GPSD? I am running Kismet-devel (have tried older versions) and GPSD v2.37 (tried older versions of this too). I continue to get fluctuations in my GPS reads, for example, when I'm going about 15mph and come to a complete stop, I look over at my laptop and it takes about 5 secs to show 0 mph on my GPS reading in Kismet.

Presumably because gpsd keeps returning old data.

> Why do I get flaky results when I try to use gpsd with Kismet?
> Kismet's interface was designed for a much older version of gpsd, and tends to fight with the autobauding code in the newer versions. The Kismet maintainer has promised to fix this. Until he does, the workaround is to start gpsd and make sure it has synced up to a GPS before running Kismet.

That's a funny comment. I'm not going to respond to the baiting.


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