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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:problems: kismet with Atheros AR5BXB63
Date:21:08:29 22/03/2008

> I have one Asus eee-PC (701) with Atheros AR5BXB63 wlan adapter, running under XandrOS (default eeepc system). I've alrady installed tcpdump and libpcap 0.7 (and dependencies like bison, glibc and others) via apt-get/synaptics, and changed confs at kismet.conf. When I run kismet as root it shows:

Won't work with the default drivers, you need madwifi-ng installed.

The defaults are an atheros driver, different hal and driver framework. It MAY be possible to get it working, but I'd need the ioctl headers to add it to Kismet.


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