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Posted by:roundqube
Subject:Two Questions (4.9Ghz / BSSID)
Date:22:08:00 19/03/2008

Question 1: Anyone have experience with Ubiquiti SR4C card and Kismet? Just wondering on best drivers and how to go about setting it up properly. Right now I have just normal ubiquiti radio drivers (dated 03/8/2008) and I drive with Kismet at 5MPH because the card doesn't seem to be fast at keeping up with the changes in the field for signal strength. I then parse the .gps file into google earth. I can elaborate more if necessary.
Also, I'd like to know if there are any tips/tricks to make Kismet log data more accurately or is this just a card issue and not Kismet?

Question 2: I know what the BSSID is but why is the SOURCE? Many times the BSSID and SOURCE do not equal each other but that is fine because I parse this out. Just wondering when BSSID and SOURCE are the same, is this a "beacon" from the access point rather that conversation between a user and an AP?


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