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Posted by:toketheoak
Subject:GPSmap Network SSID Labeling?
Date:10:36:00 13/03/2008

> > Is it possible when creating a map with GPSmap to have it label each network's range circle with its SSID (ovbiously with some overlap)?
> You can label and draw the network circles, yeah - not sure what you're asking.
> I'm rewriting the mapper currently, from the ground up.
> -m

Well I mean when I go for a short ride and generate a map with gpsmap, it will create all the estimated ranges perfectly etc... but when I add the -l tag and give it the path to the .csv file generated by Kismet, it gives some error (I'm not sure off the top of my head). Is this because the csv file generated by Kismet is not in the correct format for gpsmap to use?

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