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Posted by:toketheoak
Subject:Yet another newbie...mysterious essid showing up
Date:07:56:33 12/03/2008

Make sure you don't have any Window$ boxes still set up that had connected to that SSID in the past. If you do, Windows keeps an "Allowed Network" list IIRC that automatically probes the entire list periodically if it doesn't have a connection. You are probably just seeing a probe request. Check the MAC address on it by hitting 'i' when your in Kismet and try to track it down to one of your PC's. If you cant find where it is then it may have been your neighboor that connected to it and its in his "Allowed Network" list etc...

If you want to track where its coming from, buy a cantenna (since its directional) and set your card to the channel the SSID appears on (dont allow it to channel hop) and slowly rotate the guy until you see the fastest beacon rate or strongest signal and thats the general direction that it's located. Thats what I do at least. Oh, airodump-ng works the best for this 'tracking' for me and my card combo anyway (Atheros; Madwifi)

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