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Posted by:ab-uc
Subject:Authentication packets but no data?
Date:07:48:24 07/03/2008

>> Sounds like your drivers aren't reporting frames properly or you're channel hopping away.
>> If the channel isn't changing then it's not hopping, basically. You can look with iwconfig, too.

Easy enough! All I had to do was look! The channel was not changing. :)

>> I have no idea what the roamabout chipset is...
Oh, it's Orinoco-based.

I believe you were right about the drivers. Airodump, Kismet, and TCPDUMP all consistently showed the same thing for BOTH cards. Again, this is using Backtrack 2. I tried Backtrack 3 and viola - I'm now getting ALL data using the Broadcom card. I haven't tried the Roamabout but I don't need to now. I haven't verified exactly what yet, but I'm assuming that the success is due to something in Backtrack 3 card drivers, TCP/IP, or OS.

Thanks for the quick reply and sorry to bother you with a non-Kismet problem!

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