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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Authentication packets but no data?
Date:08:33:59 06/03/2008

> Trying to troubleshoot some problems using two laptops; one is wireless client and one is Backtrack 2 CD boot. On the client, I initiate the connection, authenticate, do some pings, web browse, telnet, and disconnect.
> In the Kismet .dump file, I see the client association, authentication (EAP/PEAP), and five "data" packets, however, I see no further data packets for the pings, www, and telnet traffic. When I do a connect-only without pings, etc., I still consistently get five data packets, so I should be seeing more for the pings, etc.

Sounds like your drivers aren't reporting frames properly or you're channel hopping away.

> I've tried using on-board Dell 1490 (Broadcom BRCM94311MCAG) and PCMCIA Roamabout 802.11DS but both give the same results.
> How can I verify that I'm not channel hopping? I use L on the tagged AP and I do see the message that channel is locked onto channel 6.

If the channel isn't changing then it's not hopping, basically. You can look with iwconfig, too.

> I understand that the card may not be capturing everything, but I consistently see the same packets, just no data after the client is connected. Am I missing a setting?

Sounds like the cards aren't reporting the data frames, I don't have any idea why that might be.

If you try with tcpdump and see data frames kismet doesn't, gzip it up and email me a URL and I'll take a look.

> I understand the card might be a problem (some cards don't capture everything?), but I thought the Roamabout should work?

I have no idea what the roamabout chipset is...


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