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Posted by:ghili
Subject:Kismet error: Failed to set channel 6 5: Input/output error
Date:18:38:10 04/03/2008

OS : Slackware 12
wireless card : ipw2100
firmware for card : ipw2100-1.3.fw

Hello i was reading about kismet and got interested in it.
I downloaded the latest stable version (2007.10.R1)and installed it.

all this as root
./make install

i created a kismet
./adduser kismet

now as root i edited the config file

the other setting i left as default

when i do an
./lsmod | grep ipw

ipv6 226016 17
ipw2100 64944 0
ieee80211 29640 1 ipw2100

then i changed my card in monitor mode

iwpriv eth1 monitor 2 1
ifconfig eth1 down
iwconfig eth1 mode monitor
ifconfig eth1 up

then i try to start kismet which fails with the error

FATAL: Failed to set channel 6 5:Input/output error

any help will be greatly appriciated, and sorry i am a little bit of a newbie in linux and still learning. i hope i gave the right amount of information and if anthing else is needed it i will post it in other messages.

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