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Posted by:sot
Date:20:48:57 29/02/2008

Hi, i use linksys wmp54g with broadcom chip.
01:01.0 Network controller: RaLink RT2561/RT61 802.11g PCI
lspci -n
01:01.0 0280: 1814:0301

i've installed the driver pack from (compat-wireless-2.6(includes b43/b43legacy)).
i also installed all 4 firmwares for broadcom, from the same page (b43/bleeding edge b43/b43legacy/bcm43xx).
well, my card works under linux, and kismet starts normally when i set the source to b43 or b43legacy, but after it starts, the channel hopping indication
is "rotating" (5/10/1/6/11/2/7/3/8/4/9) but I dont get ANY kind of data :(
when i do iwconfig wlan1 after kismet starts, it says that it's in "monitor mode".

so... if anyone knows if this card works with kismet pls let me know, or give me some tips to help me determine where the problem is.
txn :)

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