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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet and large filter_tracker strings
Date:14:05:41 29/02/2008

> I created a 500-ish line file that looks like this..
> filter_tracker=BSSID(! ab:cd:ef:ab:cd:00)
> filter_tracker=BSSID(! ab:cd:ef:ab:cd:01)
> ...etc
> and included this as an include=/path/to/file in the config. It's only processing the first filter_tracker entry. Any ideas?

Ah, the multiline support is in newcore, not stable.

Is it a feasible workaround to use BSSID masking? (Works the same as netmasks), in your example it would be something like


I'll look at backporting the multiline filter from newcore, I can't do it right now but maybe later tonight or this weekend.


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