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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet and large filter_tracker strings
Date:12:31:08 29/02/2008

> I've been trying to load a rather large filter (about 1000 BSSIDs) into Kismet (2006.04.R1 under BackTrack2) using the filter_tracker syntax.
> It doesn't work.
> Kismet dies with the following error message...
> FATAL: Couldn't parse filter line, no '(' found
> Reducing the length of the filter string eliminates this error but doesn't really solve my problem. The filter I'm using is about 18k in length and contains about 1k BSSIDs.

Yeah you're hitting the max-chars-per-line in the config file parser. I think that's somewhere in the 4k to 8k range.

It should work to break it up into multiple lines for filter_tracker - just keep stacking more filter_tracker=(...) lines in and it should process them all together. You can also include another config file w/ all your filter statements, via include=filepath which might make it easier to maintain.


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