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Posted by:sp0ro
Subject:Kismet+Madwifi+Ubuntu 7.10=No APs showing
Date:04:56:05 16/02/2008

> >
> > Ok, I think I found what you meant from this thread:
> >
> >
> > Problem is I get a "FATAL: Module auth_pci not found." returned when I run modprobe auth_pci autocreate=none . While modprobe ath_pci autocreate=none does not bring back and discrepancies, Kismet still is not finding any data packets at all.
> ath not auth
> -m

Fixed the previously problem I had in this post. Now I have a new one. I figured out that the new Madwifi-NG drivers are only supported by Kismet-devel version. I did a normal install and configured kismet.conf . However, it is saying I need to set a user to drop down in the kismet.conf file, which I did and have checked about 4 times to make sure.

Does the kismet-devel version use a different config file or something? I'm not sure what is wrong and why it isn't recognizing the user I added in the kismet.conf file.


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