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Posted by:untwisted
Subject:OS X 10.5.2 Bus Error 2-14-08 snapshot
Date:03:58:04 15/02/2008

When trying to run the latest snapshot (2-14-08) of Kismet I get a bus error:

canora-dubh:kismet-newcore untwisted$ /usr/local/bin/kismet
Server options: none
Client options: none
Starting server...
Waiting for server to start before starting UI...
INFO: Reading from config file /usr/local/etc/kismet.conf
INFO: No 'maxbacklog' config line defined for the Kismet UI server, defaulting
to 5000 lines
INFO: Plugin system disabled by Kismet configuration file or command line
INFO: No 'dronelisten' config line and no command line drone-listen argument
given, Kismet drone server will not be enabled.
INFO: Created alert tracker...
INFO: No specific sources named, all sources defined in kismet.conf will be
INFO: Channel hopping enabled in config file
INFO: Channel splitting enabled in config file
/usr/local/bin/kismet: line 62: 59827 Bus error ${BIN}/kismet_server --silent $server

I also have the latest snapshot of libpcap as well. I tried a previous snapshot (last week some time) and was also getting the bus error then as well. Any ideas?

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