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Posted by:sauravb
Subject:kismet-2007-10-R1 segmentation faults with gcc-4.2.0
Date:10:52:40 14/02/2008


kismet-2007-10-R1 if built with gcc-4.2.0 shows segmentation fault when ran.
With gcc-4.1.1 the same version of Kismet works fine.

My setup is -

Gateworks BSP 0.7

Please note that I am using gcc-4.2.0 for a long time now.
I can not downgrade the gcc version because it might affect other packages.

Could anybody share any pointers on how to fix it?
Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

[root@saurav mnt]# ./kismet_server --help
Usage: ./kismet_server [OPTION]
Most (or all) of these options can (and should) be configured via the
kismet.conf global config file, but can be overridden here.
-I, --initial-channel <n:c> Initial channel to monitor on (default: 6)
Format capname:channel
-x, --force-channel-hop Forcibly enable the channel hopper
-X, --force-no-channel-hop Forcibly disable the channel hopper
-t, --log-title <title> Custom log file title
-n, --no-logging No logging (only process packets)
-f, --config-file <file> Use alternate config file
-c, --capture-source <src> Packet capture source line (type,interface,name)
-C, --enable-capture-sources Comma separated list of named packet sources to u
-l, --log-types <types> Comma separated list of types to log,
(ie, dump,cisco,weak,network,gps)
-d, --dump-type <type> Dumpfile type (wiretap)
-m, --max-packets <num> Maximum number of packets before starting new dum
-q, --quiet Don't play sounds
-g, --gps <host:port> GPS server (host:port or off)
-p, --port <port> TCPIP server port for GUI connections
-a, --allowed-hosts <hosts> Comma separated list of hosts allowed to connect
-b, --bind-address <address> Bind to this address. Default INADDR_ANY
-r, --retain-monitor Leave card in monitor mode on exit
-s, --silent Don't send any output to console.
-N, --server-name Server name
--daemonize Background server in daemon mode
-v, --version Kismet version
-h, --help What do you think you're reading?
Segmentation fault
[root@saurav mnt]#

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