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Posted by:roundqube
Subject:Kismet Logging Even When No Signal Seen
Date:01:01:30 13/02/2008

> > > Anyone know how to get kismet to log gps coordinates even when it doesn't see any RF or beacons? Basically still log the LAT/LNG but signal = 0?
> > >
> > > I am writing a mapping script and since we only have .gps files for where it actually saw a signal, it appears like our drive testers missed driving those streets but in actuality they did not.
> >
> > It ought to be logging the position once a second regardless of traffic as a GP:ST:RA:CK entry in the gpsxml file - took that into consideration a long time ago :)
> >
> > -m
> Great, thank you very much! I'll just have to write the script around this then.

Hmm kinda weird, my GP:SD:TR:AC:KL:OG lines show signal strengths like 10, 30 etc.. (SNR values). Any idea why? Is the tracklog logging regardless and so where is the SNR value coming from? I'm thinking maybe if I only parse out where there is this tracklog entry and signal equal zero, then I can place a black dot to show no signal but driven in my drive test map?

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