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Posted by:bigheadedmonster
Subject:did not get startup info from localhost
Date:22:07:41 12/02/2008

> It's not reaching the local system. I'd guess maybe hosts or loopback is wrong, or you're not listening on loopback (or whatever ip you're trying to connect to).

> -m

Heres some of the config file:

# Port to serve GUI data
# People allowed to connect, comma seperated IP addresses or network/mask
# blocks. Netmasks can be expressed as dotted quad (/ or as
# numbers (/24)
# Address to bind to. Should be an address already configured already on
# this host, reverts to INADDR_ANY if specified incorrectly.
# Maximum number of concurrent GUI's

and in the gui config file the host is set to

Still the same error.
FATAL: did not get startup info from within 20 seconds.

So im lost :(

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