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Posted by:bigheadedmonster
Subject:did not get startup info from localhost
Date:16:52:47 12/02/2008

Im kinda stuck here, so any hints or suggestions to what could be wrong is also welcome :)

Should I try to find something with the kismet setup/compilation/configuration or would it be more likely a general linux thing ive not done properly or??

any clues would be nice.

I can run the server and see all the packets it captures, so that part is working. When I start the client The server accepts the connection but the client just dies after the 20 secs timeout and says it didnt get startup info from the localhost...

Ive found only few simmilar cases and those was solved with hosts.allow ALL: 127.0.01 as far as ive understood it.. So am pretty much not screwed atm..

Cheers BHM

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