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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Program is deaf?
Date:15:07:17 12/02/2008

> Good morning!
> I'm trying to set up Kismet on an eeePC running Ubuntu 7.10. I made the changes to the conf file to add a user name and the source. The program doesn't show any apparent errors when I start it, but it doesn't seem to be hearing anything (even the wireless network in my own home).

As far as I'm aware, EEE Pc with the shipped OS won't work because they use a custom Atheros wireless driver, not madwifi-ng. If someone can get this into rfmon, and can send me all the ioctl headers, I'll add support, but apparently the ioctl numbers don't match up.

Mw-NG has since added support for the atheros card in the eee.


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