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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Change the refresh rate in kismet_server?
Date:20:11:10 11/02/2008

> I was wondering what parameters I would have to modify in the source code (or command-line switches) to decrease the polling interval between NETWORK protocol packets. There is a -M command-line switch to increase the polling time. Is there a way to decrease?

The -M switch doesn't actually do anything, it's a holdover from old code - kismet used to be timer/poll based, instead of select() based. -M *might* still trigger a manual delay in the select loop - I suspect I left it in there before I had the timer-based pcapfile playback, but it's a more of a big hammer solution which would lead to weird performance on a real packet capture source.

Look around line 2929 in in SVN for the timer initialization of the netwrite function, which is what propagates the network deltas. It's similarly named but differently placed in newcore. By default it pushes the deltas once a second, change that timer to some divisor to get sub-second, though I can't promise you'll entirely love what it does to your CPU.


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