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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet and SeLinux with Fedora 8
Date:16:26:42 11/02/2008

> I am in the process of installing Kismet onto a Fedora 8 system. This system has SeLinux enabled. Since it seems to be a part of the system now, I decided that its time to live with it and use it. Now, that said, has or does anyone have the necessary statements to plug into SeLinux to allow Kismet to work?
> I thought about just going thru the audit2allow command and work it that way, but was wondering if anyone bit the bullet and did this.
> Searching of the forums did not turn up anything. Searching of the internet said "turn it off!"

I haven't heard of anyone doing it, though I'd be curious to see what it takes.

I'm considering changing the kismet packet model to more closely match that of Wireshark, however currently:

Kismet client - no privs other than tcp
Kismet server - setuid, setgid, configure interfaces (don't know if IP/promisc/wext are separate or not), some proc opening for some packet source types, file read as root, one file in /var/run as root, all the other files are as user.


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