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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Problem with signal column, and signal graph column.
Date:15:22:05 09/02/2008

> It's a broadcom.
> Seems to be supported. Maybe it's a setting in the card itself?

Supported with regards to Kismet means that Kismet knows how to talk to the driver, set the card in rf-mon mode, and read the data the driver provides.

It doeesn't mean that the driver necessarily provides sane data, nor that it provides all the data available, such as per frame signal levels.

> I'm going to try backtrack3 and see if there's a difference.
> Please though, any suggestions would help.

Change to another card, where the driver reports per frame signal levels, if that is a requirement of yours. If the information is not available from the driver, Kismet logically can't log nor display it.


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