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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Max rates other than 11 and 54 Mbps?
Date:16:17:30 07/02/2008

> It's dependant on the chipset, the OS, and the manufacturers implementation on the AP. The Fonera uses linux as an OS, and an Atheros chipset, running with Madwifi in one of its incarnations. Madwifi used to exhibit a behaviour where the default rate in AP mode would be 36 megabits/s iso the maximum rate of 54 megabits/s pr. the 802.11g standard. So if the AP announces that the max rate it is cabable of is 36 mbps, then that is the info kismet receives and therefore displays. If you can telnet into the device, and use the device equivalent of the iwconfig tool to set the rate properly, then you should see the right rate in kismet.
> It's not a kismet problem per se. Kismet displays what the packet header contains in the 802.11 defined fields, and if the hardware transmitting or receiving that header contains wrong information kismet can't do anything about it.

I think he was mostly asking why some report lower rates...

It's also possible that it's an attempt to solve distance problems with the network - by forcing a lower rate you prevent clients from trying to connect at speeds you know won't work in your environment.


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