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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Unable to capture any packet
Date:15:04:50 07/02/2008

> Hi,
> I am not able to capture any packet using kismet-2006-04-R1.
> My setup is -
> Gateworks BSP 0.7
> Buildroot
> madwifi-r3008
> Linux-
> Senao radios
> Please note that I used the same kismet version successfully with -
> madwifi-0.9.2
> Debian sarge 3.0
> Linux-2.6.18
> With the OS migration it is no more working.
> I can not change the kismet version as I have some enhancements on it for my project.

You have two choices :
A) Either revert back to the previous system setup that worked.
B) Port your changes to the current kismet version. The one you are using, which probably are 2005-04-R1 since there isn't a 2006-04-R1 release, is atleast 4 releases behind. Changes and fixes for the various releases are listed here :


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