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Posted by:merc19
Subject:SUID changed but kismet doesn't recognize
Date:07:10:00 02/02/2008

i did my configure and installation fine. I changed my config suid and when I run kismet it still tells me i haven't. I feel like I'm missing something very obvious.

Here is my output:

Launching kismet_server: /usr/local/bin/kismet_server
FATAL: Could not find user 'your_user_here' for dropping priviledges. Make sure you have a valid user set for 'suiduser' in your config file. See the 'Installation & Security' and 'Configuration' sections of the README file for more information.

I know this is in the readme approximately 9 times. Yes, again, I changed the suid in the config file.

Can anyone toss me a rope?

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